How to Get Better at a Sport

So you found the one sport that you had the most fun, with the least amount of injury acquired in a game.  Now, you probably want to be more than just a good player of the sport, whatever it is, and you can, it will take a bit of time for you to get better at it but by following the right path and right attitude, you can become a very good player of any sport once you find love for it. So let’s talk about the approach and the steps needed to get you started in bettering yourself.


The Attitude

Electrician Columbus OhioThe first thing you have to definitely have is the right attitude, without this you will pretty much reach a wall in your development, and if you don’t develop the right attitude towards sports in the beginning, it could affect your career (should you choose to pursue a career in sports) and your relationship with your team.

A positive attitude is the most necessary thing for a sportsman, or rather for anyone really, if you are negative about reaching your goals in life you will never get there. Taking your failures and setbacks as positive learning experiences will allow you to develop your skills greatly. Remember, winning is great but you learn more when you fail, take the lesson of your failure in and allow yourself to grow from it.

You will also need to be respectful to your coach, team mates, and even your opponents. Giving people the respect they deserve will allow you to form bonds which will help you grow as a sportsman and a person. Being good at a sport is more than just being the best player, it is about being a respected player, through your abilities and the way you handle people.

And lastly, patience, if you do not have the patience in training and in game you will never be able to grow properly as a player and you will make poor decisions when it comes to games.  Wait and do what you can now, your growth will show in time, and opportunities will open up.

So be positive, be respectful, and be patient, be all of this and just have fun when playing and you will grow.

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trainingTraining to become the best is a bit more complex, as it will depend on the individual and their goals, so I will be writing about advice that can be applied in general.

  1. Get Fit

You play sports, you probably are fit, but what I mean by this is to aim for your peak condition as an individual. Watch what you eat and train your body for maximum efficiency.

  1. Get a Trainer/Coach

They will be essential for your growth, as they will guide you the right path and teach you what they have experience in the field. We expand on that on another article.

  1. Learn More than One Sport

This will help you be more flexible, finding a way to apply what you know in one sport to another will allow you to become a formidable player.

  1. Challenge Yourself

Be careful not to hurt yourself, but keep challenging yourself to go beyond your limit a little bit every time.

  1. Keep Practicing Your Sport

It is simple enough, the more you practice the more you get better in something.

Do all these and you’re on a great start to become a very good athlete.


How a Personal Trainer Can Help You Grow

running-with-trainerLet’s say you know a bit about working out, you’ve read the books and watched videos online on how to train your body. The first few weeks are good, you workout routine is very good, but after a while it feels like you are not making any more progress. Sure you can do the research yourself, but that will take time away from your actual goal, this is where having a trainer really helps out. With a trainer you have the person with the experience and knowledge to get you to your goals.

When you have a trainer, you will have a friendly guide who can help you reach the level you want to achieve. The knowledge and experience they poses can be achievable with self-study, but this is inefficient, as you would be building up from scratch. If you allow a trainer to show you what he knows and work on it, you allow yourself a tested path to your goal. And when the time comes that you are at the same level or higher than your trainer, it is time for you to move on and build from where his knowledge and experience ends.

Trainers doesn’t need to be the very best of whatever field you are taking them from, just someone experience  who could allow you to expand your knowledge and ideas. They could be your temporary master, or a peer that could discuss ideas with and assist in your training.


Expanding Your Limits

If you are doing a sport as a hobby or something similar, you will still need a trainer to guide you the proper way of doing things. But if you are planning to become a professional or just really good at your sport (Maybe to show off), you will definitely need a trainer to help you reach and break you limits.

When it comes to going beyond your limits and increasing your ability, you will definitely need a guide that could help you achieve your goal, but also to keep you from hurting yourself. When it comes to achieving something like this you will need to do it slowly and carefully, if not you could get hurt to a point where you are no longer able to reach your dreams. Many potential professional athletes became a victim to this, training too hard, not listening to their coaches and trainers that they end up destroying any possibility of ever reaching their full potential.


A Good Friend

I’ve had a few trainers in my life, and most of them became very good friends of mine. They go beyond their employment and make sure of your wellbeing, and having a good trainer as a buddy will help you with reaching your goals, as they will not only give their professional advice but the advice of a good friend, which does actually help a lot.



It is only possible to reach your athletic goals and potential by having a friend that will assist you throughout the way, a friend who is knowledgeable and help you discuss options and weigh the pros and cons. You need a Trainer!

New Zealand Lockers: Do You Need Pest Control?

Okay, we’ve all heard how nice New Zealand is when it comes to pests and critters that won’t kill you. But is that a good enough reason to forgo the habit of getting preventive pest control maintenance for your locker rooms? The answer is a simple and resounding NO, though little to nothing can directly kill you in New Zealand (again to clarify we are talking about pests and small creatures), poor sanitation and vermin is still a possible problem, which could cause sickness. Just like back home stateside where we would call the best Pest Control Company Camarillo to keep our locker rooms pest free,  the same practice must be done everywhere.

This is not a question of how nice a place is because of its relative safety. That, though nice and is a very good reason to move to the country, is not enough when it comes to practice. The only way to maintain such a pleasant environment is to keep it clean and not create a problem from being an idiot. New Zealand is a great place to live at, a wonderful place to play a variety of sports, and overall pleasant, let’s keep it that way okay?

Controlling Pests In The Sports Arena

Football stadiums are a part of every football fanatic. Watching a game live is an unforgettable experience that one could have. However, did you know that pests are lurking in sports fields, too?

Local exterminator in Columbus deals with various pests in a sports arena. For sure, other pest control companies also deal with these same pests in the stadiums across the country. They work hand in hand with the stadium managers to ensure that safe pest control methods are used to eliminate the pests. Here are the common pests that could take the fun out of the venue where we watch the games.


Where there are garbage and food, expect flies to gather. The flies are not only a nuisance, but they can also carry pathogens that can cause illness that is why flies should not be treated as a regular visitor in any sports gathering.

As an effective solution, the stadium managers are leveling up on their waste management programs and are installing insect light traps to capture the pests. Rancho Cucamonga’s bail bonds company provide quick bail bonds for anyone who’s in need.


The feathered creatures are a nuisance to the field. They grab food like it is theirs for the picking. They also cause a distraction to the players and spectators. The common birds attacking the sports arena are pigeons, starlings, and Sparrow. These birds can take over the stadium, even put their nests there. The feces of the birds are also very hard to clean and attracts other pests in the stadium.

The normal pest control strategies used to prevent birds in stadiums are spikes and cleats. We’ve also seen a stadium that used predatory Raptors, such as hawks and falcons, to chase away pigeons and rats. It was very effective because the pigeons are now staying away from the stadiums.

It is commendable that there are natural pest control solutions that the stadium managers can choose to shoo away the nuisance birds. It will be an outrage when people would resort to breaking nests or shooting down the birds just to send them away.


Bats are very hard to eliminate. The most significant thing to do is to prevent them from nesting in the stadium. Aside from pestering the fans while there is an ongoing game, the odor of bat urine is very stinky. It adds additional work to the cleaning staff of the stadium.

The only good side to having bats in the stadium is they eat mosquitoes. In spite of this benefit, bats are better off living in another location. The pest control companies use netting to prevent the bats from settling in the stadium.

Cockroaches and rodents

It is not uncommon to find these pests in an open-air stadium. Surely, they are coming after the crumbs and food wastes left in the arena. The concession stands are also vulnerable to pest infestations.

As prevention, cleanliness and proper waste management are needed to prevent the pests from infesting the stadium. However, when they already started to creep and take residence there, the help of a pest control company would be invaluable in assessing the infestation and recommend the suitable pest elimination method to use. The pest prevention and monitoring should be part of the stadium’s day-to-day activities.

Keeping it Green in Tampa

Sports and Athletic field grasses are essential in achieving a top-notch sports field. It is of utmost importance that this grass is well-maintained because a damaged turf would greatly affect the performance of the athletes.

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Basically, turf grass must be dense and have thick sods to be able to withstand the impact from the sports and be resilient enough to repair itself. As such, turf grass is made up of mixed varieties of grass to get the most coverage for the field. With these varieties, extra care and maintenance is needed to keep them green and in tip-top shape.

The turf grass used in the sports field usually does not get a disease but it is important to pick the varieties that are proven to have disease resistance to lessen the chance of damage spreading to the entire field. There are tell-tale signs that you need to be wary because it reflects poor maintenance of your field. Some of these symptoms are:

  • Rust, Red Thread, Dollar Spot – Inadequately fertilized fields
  • Brown patch and Pythium – Heavily fertilized perennial rye grass fields
  • Gray Leaf spot – Warm temperature, high humidity and over-exposure of leaves to moisture

Aside from the environmental condition of the turf grass here in Tampa, insects can pose a problem with the field. White grubs could cause the most damage to turf grass. These White grubs are immature scarab beetles such as, European chafers, Japanese beetles and Oriental beetles. Each of those beetles have different traits and life cycles, thus, different methods of pest control should be used.

The early prevention and treatment of the turf will save you a great deal of time and resources. However, some schools and municipalities do not have the manpower and expertise needed to perform all the necessary field maintenance activities. As such, it is a viable option to contract the services of a professional pest control company to ensure that the field is well taken care of.

There are reliable Tampa pest control professionals who can effectively identify and decide on the proper treatment to be used for a specific field. Always make sure that you deal with licensed pest control professionals to ensure that you get the best and appropriate pest control service as each sports field is different from another.

Some pest control companies in Tampa even offer a complete suite of lawn maintenance services so you do not have to worry about getting different contractors to do the job. They offer monthly lawn spraying services that cover the following:

  • Lawn Spraying
  • Pest Control
  • Disease Control
  • Weed Control
  • Shrub Care

The monthly treatment done by the qualified technicians and pest control professionals will ensure that your turf is green all year round. The regular visit can also control insects and weeds before they wreak havoc on the field.

It is also important to note that in spite of contracted professional services, the crew on the ground should be trained in proper field assessment.  The crew should also work with the coaches and administrators to identity the fields that need immediate attention to ensure its safety and playability. The field assessment should be conducted before and after each sport season to be effective.

Strange Things Science Found Out About Sports


So there are always things that science would just come right out and say that would seem a bit contradictory to common knowledge, and lately I’ve read a few things about sports which science studied on.  Let me share to you a few strange and interesting facts which science just found out.


1.) Wearing Red Can Mean Victory

A study has observed that players wearing red tends to win in competition more often than their non-red shirted counterparts. There is a catch though, as you need to be on equal footing with the opponent’s skill level, a small margin is okay but you at least have to have a chance of beating the opposing team without red from the start.

The science behind this is that primal instinct, in some species of clean carpets Utahape, redness is a sign of dominance, as most if not all alpha males have this feature. The theory goes, that when we face an opponent wearing red, deep within our subconscious a primal flee response is telling us that we shouldn’t challenge the alpha male, and that we are about to get our ass kicked.


2.) Sports Drinks Don’t Work the Way You Think They Do 

sports-drinks-benchedSo you might think that drinking that Gatorade will replenish all what the commercials told you it would and that is why it is an effective sports drink. But studies have shown that the major contributor of its effectiveness as a sports drink is SUGAR.

You don’t need to drink it too, just by having sugar in your mouth, the chemical reaction in your mouth will signal your brain and give it a push into doing a few things (study filled with scientific jargon), which will give you that second wind.  So if you don’t have sports drink, get some sugar and mix it with some water, swish it around your mouth and spit it out, that will do the trick. If you spill a drink that contains sugar on a carpet it will be hard to clean that carpet.


3.) Distractions Can Be Good for Professional Athletes 

Have you ever chocked before, and I am not talking about a piece of food in your throat, what I mean is chocking on doing something you are used or is usually good at. Apparently the more you know about the workings of a sport, or anything really, the more likely you could choke.

The key to no choking is by distracting yourself from overthinking the situation, you are a pro, your skills and actions comes naturally now, let it. One example of distracting yourself is by humming or singing, this will keep your brain occupied and not shut off the part of your brain where you have all that spots talent stored.

These three things shows us that there are a lot of things we don’t completely understand when it comes to the human body, and that there are a few things we can do and exploit to better our chances of winning a game.  What unexplainable experience while playing a game happened to you?

Our Sports Associations Trip to Atlanta

Quite some time ago, our relatively young association decided to travel to several places around the world to observe other sports associations and apply their methods to help build our organization stronger. I was one of the lucky few that were assigned to visit the U.S., in particular, the city of Atlanta, which was an amazing trip all on its own, because I’m a big fan of Coca-Cola and I was looking forward to visiting the Olympic park. But what we were there to observe were the sports associations, clubs, and organizations, which comprised of amazing people who we learned a great deal from.

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Arriving in Atlanta

We were greeted at the airport and after getting our bags to the hotel were toured around the city, which was quite beautiful, especially because of the well maintained Olympic park, which we later returned during the night to see the fountains and lights. I have seen a few Olympic hosting cities in my life, but Atlanta did well on maintain what they built.


One interesting thing about Atlanta is the women, which were quite the beauties, but I observed that many may have gone through breast augmentation surgery, I could tell, I know the real deal from artificial ones. But it is understandable with the city having good facilities and doctors to get work done, according to our guide that is.

We later on finally saw a few athletes practice, surprisingly enough, in the city of Atlanta, the sport of rugby, and I don’t mean American football, I mean actual rugby, is quite a popular sport to play. With a good number of players and different divisions, I was surprised that the sport was even formally played in the US, with American football being the more popular sport in the country.

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Truth be told I didn’t do much observing of the organizations myself, as we had a few people in the group who were a bit more attentive to it compared to me, I left it to them. But I did see the amount of hard work put in to make their association more active in the community, and concentrated more on how proactive they are as a group, mentally taking notes of it.


Overall Experience

On our flight home after our two week visit, I looked back on how well-oiled their association was and was thankful to them for allowing us to observe.  I thought to myself at that time if we as a small association would be able to be as successful as them. I look back now, and though we have a long way to go, I know deep within me that the reason for this associations existence is being fulfilled, and more is to come that will open many doors to those who come to us and seek help in their endeavors. I hope that we as an association will be able to help them reach their goals and that maybe one day be able to do more.