Controlling Pests In The Sports Arena

Football stadiums are a part of every football fanatic. Watching a game live is an unforgettable experience that one could have. However, did you know that pests are lurking in sports fields, too?

Local exterminator in Columbus deals with various pests in a sports arena. For sure, other pest control companies also deal with these same pests in the stadiums across the country. They work hand in hand with the stadium managers to ensure that safe pest control methods are used to eliminate the pests. Here are the common pests that could take the fun out of the venue where we watch the games.


Where there are garbage and food, expect flies to gather. The flies are not only a nuisance, but they can also carry pathogens that can cause illness that is why flies should not be treated as a regular visitor in any sports gathering.

As an effective solution, the stadium managers are leveling up on their waste management programs and are installing insect light traps to capture the pests. Rancho Cucamonga’s bail bonds company provide quick bail bonds for anyone who’s in need.


The feathered creatures are a nuisance to the field. They grab food like it is theirs for the picking. They also cause a distraction to the players and spectators. The common birds attacking the sports arena are pigeons, starlings, and Sparrow. These birds can take over the stadium, even put their nests there. The feces of the birds are also very hard to clean and attracts other pests in the stadium.

The normal pest control strategies used to prevent birds in stadiums are spikes and cleats. We’ve also seen a stadium that used predatory Raptors, such as hawks and falcons, to chase away pigeons and rats. It was very effective because the pigeons are now staying away from the stadiums.

It is commendable that there are natural pest control solutions that the stadium managers can choose to shoo away the nuisance birds. It will be an outrage when people would resort to breaking nests or shooting down the birds just to send them away.


Bats are very hard to eliminate. The most significant thing to do is to prevent them from nesting in the stadium. Aside from pestering the fans while there is an ongoing game, the odor of bat urine is very stinky. It adds additional work to the cleaning staff of the stadium.

The only good side to having bats in the stadium is they eat mosquitoes. In spite of this benefit, bats are better off living in another location. The pest control companies use netting to prevent the bats from settling in the stadium.

Cockroaches and rodents

It is not uncommon to find these pests in an open-air stadium. Surely, they are coming after the crumbs and food wastes left in the arena. The concession stands are also vulnerable to pest infestations.

As prevention, cleanliness and proper waste management are needed to prevent the pests from infesting the stadium. However, when they already started to creep and take residence there, the help of a pest control company would be invaluable in assessing the infestation and recommend the suitable pest elimination method to use. The pest prevention and monitoring should be part of the stadium’s day-to-day activities.