Finding Your Sport

There will always be something a person is good at, a skill that they are naturally gifted at, but I actually believe that there is more to it than just that, I believe that there is always something a person is good at in different fields. For example, you are not a chef, but you make really good spaghetti sauce, cooking is not your field but there is something you are good at in it. The same applies for everything, including sports.  You could not be a very sporty person, you could even have very low endurance, but even with that there should be at least one sport that fits you really well and you can enjoy.

One interesting example of a creature you would not expect to be good at something considered athletic are Sloths. Sloth is the last thing you would expect to be good at something that involves, well, moving. But interestingly enough they are actually very good swimmers, when in the water they are quite fast at getting from point a to point b. Though in the end, because of their biology they can actually get exhausted easily with just a very short moment of swimming.

So, will you still say that you are just not suited for sports? Will you let an actual sloth beat you? If a sloth can find something athletic it is good at, why can’t you? If you are now convinced that there is a chance for you to finally be good in something sporty, then allow me to give you a few pointers on how to find the right sport for you.


Try Everything

If you are completely lost, your best bet is to try everything. Yes, you will probably end each trial with bruises or more. But your aim is to find the right sport for you, so those actually help, by finding the sport you have the least injury from and have the most fun doing, you can narrow down the list as you go on.  The downside to this is time, you need a lot of it to try out everything, and there is also the factor of team sports, as you need to have a connection with your team to truly have a feel for the game.

You can though, ask you friends or family to join you I your search, that way you have a connection with your trial team, though the amount of injured people could increase with this method.


Look For the Sport Version of What You Do

So are you good at sweeping? Maybe you are good at Curling! Do you do a lot of lifting in your job? Maybe you can do weight lifting as a sport! These are overly simplified examples, but the point is you could apply what you are good at with most sports, you don’t have to be the start of the game, just a player who enjoys it.

In the end, just like everything the best way to find the sport that fits you is by looking within.


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