Our Sports Associations Trip to Atlanta

Quite some time ago, our relatively young association decided to travel to several places around the world to observe other sports associations and apply their methods to help build our organization stronger. I was one of the lucky few that were assigned to visit the U.S., in particular, the city of Atlanta, which was an amazing trip all on its own, because I’m a big fan of Coca-Cola and I was looking forward to visiting the Olympic park. But what we were there to observe were the sports associations, clubs, and organizations, which comprised of amazing people who we learned a great deal from.

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Arriving in Atlanta

We were greeted at the airport and after getting our bags to the hotel were toured around the city, which was quite beautiful, especially because of the well maintained Olympic park, which we later returned during the night to see the fountains and lights. I have seen a few Olympic hosting cities in my life, but Atlanta did well on maintain what they built.


One interesting thing about Atlanta is the women, which were quite the beauties, but I observed that many may have gone through breast augmentation surgery, I could tell, I know the real deal from artificial ones. But it is understandable with the city having good facilities and doctors to get work done, according to our guide that is.

We later on finally saw a few athletes practice, surprisingly enough, in the city of Atlanta, the sport of rugby, and I don’t mean American football, I mean actual rugby, is quite a popular sport to play. With a good number of players and different divisions, I was surprised that the sport was even formally played in the US, with American football being the more popular sport in the country.

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Truth be told I didn’t do much observing of the organizations myself, as we had a few people in the group who were a bit more attentive to it compared to me, I left it to them. But I did see the amount of hard work put in to make their association more active in the community, and concentrated more on how proactive they are as a group, mentally taking notes of it.


Overall Experience

On our flight home after our two week visit, I looked back on how well-oiled their association was and was thankful to them for allowing us to observe.  I thought to myself at that time if we as a small association would be able to be as successful as them. I look back now, and though we have a long way to go, I know deep within me that the reason for this associations existence is being fulfilled, and more is to come that will open many doors to those who come to us and seek help in their endeavors. I hope that we as an association will be able to help them reach their goals and that maybe one day be able to do more.