Strange Things Science Found Out About Sports


So there are always things that science would just come right out and say that would seem a bit contradictory to common knowledge, and lately I’ve read a few things about sports which science studied on.  Let me share to you a few strange and interesting facts which science just found out.


1.) Wearing Red Can Mean Victory

A study has observed that players wearing red tends to win in competition more often than their non-red shirted counterparts. There is a catch though, as you need to be on equal footing with the opponent’s skill level, a small margin is okay but you at least have to have a chance of beating the opposing team without red from the start.

The science behind this is that primal instinct, in some species of clean carpets Utahape, redness is a sign of dominance, as most if not all alpha males have this feature. The theory goes, that when we face an opponent wearing red, deep within our subconscious a primal flee response is telling us that we shouldn’t challenge the alpha male, and that we are about to get our ass kicked.


2.) Sports Drinks Don’t Work the Way You Think They Do 

sports-drinks-benchedSo you might think that drinking that Gatorade will replenish all what the commercials told you it would and that is why it is an effective sports drink. But studies have shown that the major contributor of its effectiveness as a sports drink is SUGAR.

You don’t need to drink it too, just by having sugar in your mouth, the chemical reaction in your mouth will signal your brain and give it a push into doing a few things (study filled with scientific jargon), which will give you that second wind.  So if you don’t have sports drink, get some sugar and mix it with some water, swish it around your mouth and spit it out, that will do the trick. If you spill a drink that contains sugar on a carpet it will be hard to clean that carpet.


3.) Distractions Can Be Good for Professional Athletes 

Have you ever chocked before, and I am not talking about a piece of food in your throat, what I mean is chocking on doing something you are used or is usually good at. Apparently the more you know about the workings of a sport, or anything really, the more likely you could choke.

The key to no choking is by distracting yourself from overthinking the situation, you are a pro, your skills and actions comes naturally now, let it. One example of distracting yourself is by humming or singing, this will keep your brain occupied and not shut off the part of your brain where you have all that spots talent stored.

These three things shows us that there are a lot of things we don’t completely understand when it comes to the human body, and that there are a few things we can do and exploit to better our chances of winning a game.  What unexplainable experience while playing a game happened to you?